I work with children as young as 5 years old. In my experience, the earlier a problem is faced the easier it is to avoid longer term difficulties.

At 8:16 I work with young people up to 18 years of age. Young people often appreciate having a space where they can talk to somebody not connected to their situation.

At 8:16 I offer Online Counselling for secondary aged young people who, for whatever reason, are not able to come along to sessions face to face.

I offer a range of therapeutic services from individual counselling to group work for both local primary and secondary schools.

Exclusively for children and young people

Everyone needs a bit of extra help at some time or other. Children and young people come to 8:16 for a range of issues. These can include bereavement, family difficulties, self harm, behavioural problems, self-esteem and a range of traumas. No problem is too big or too small and if I feel that I can’t help you, I will put you in touch with someone who can.

How it Works

You make contact with me and we talk either by phone or email about your situation. We then arrange a time to meet up for an initial appointment. This appointment will last for 50 minutes.

We will start off the session with yourself and your child and myself together. I will explain how the sessions work and give you and your child the opportunity to talk some more about the particular difficulties. I will then spend the rest of the session with your child. I will use the time to understand your child better and looking at how would be the best way to work through the problems they are facing.

After we have ended the session you have time to think about if you would like to return for further sessions. If you do, we will book these in at a regular time. These are usually booked in four session blocks.

Each session will be guided by what the child or young person wants to do within the wider aims of working through their difficulties. My aim is to create an environment where they can work through their difficulties at their own pace and build their resilience.

Whatever is done and spoken about in the session is confidential (unless of course I feel somebody is at risk of harm).

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Thank you for bringing my boy back to himself! He now enjoys everything a child should with the confidence I haven't seen in him for years.

A Parent

My daughter really enjoyed the sessions and felt an immediate bond with Sue.

A Parent

My son has gone from being an incredibly anxious and worried young man into someone who is able to deal with the worries that were affecting him on a daily basis. He has strategies that will help him deal with these should they return. It's amazing to see the difference in him after the sessions that he has received from 8:16. Both me and my son are incredibly grateful for the help that we have received. Thank you!

A Parent

When the most important and precious person in our lives needed some expert help we got it. We felt reassured and at ease with no judgement just help advice and support.

A Parent

Sue has a wonderful way of getting the best out of the children without them realising what she is doing. She is fair, firm and supportive.

A Headteacher

Sue has worked with a diverse range of issues including bereavement and loss, transition, self-harm, abuse, anger, and anxiety.

She is an extremely professional person who works within the codes of practice and ethics recommended by the BACP, UKCP or equivalent organisation.

A Headteacher

My 6 year old son was quite nervous about returning to school after the summer holidays. After several sessions he actually began to look forward to going back to school, which he never had done before, and on his first day back he went in quite happily. I would definitely recommend 8:16 to any parent.

A Parent

I wanted to write to say thank you for being part of our training day. Your session was excellent and very well received by everyone who attended. The delegates who attended your session learnt a great deal and particularly welcomed the fact that you were able to draw upon your own personal experiences.

Deputy Headteacher, Sheffield

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