Coping With Exam Results Day

By August 17, 2016Blog

Exam Results

So, it’s the time of year when pupils across the country face exam results day. This is a day that some pupils will have been thinking about and mentally rehearsing for months. For others they will have been denying will ever arrive. At this time of year the media will be filled with images of young people happily comparing results and one or two young people who look slightly less happy. But how do you cope with your exam results – good or bad? Here are some tips that may help you through the next few days.

Seize The Day

If you got the results you wanted – take some time to enjoy that feeling. Celebrate in whatever way you enjoy. Think about what it took to get you these results. Take a mental note of all these feelings so the next time you face an exam, this moment can give you some motivation to keep on studying and working hard.

If you didn’t get the results you wanted then it’s ok to not be ok. Despite what people may tell you, it’s ok to feel down about it. If you don’t want to be around everyone who is celebrating, it’s ok to take yourself off and do something kind for yourself. Just like people who have got the results they wanted, it’s important for you to take an internal note of how you feel today because, although it may not feel like it, it will serve you well in the future.

Moving On

Whether you have been congratulating yourself for a job well done or hiding away from the universe, you can’t stay in this place for ever. Exam results day is the start of the next phase of your life. Whatever you got, now is the time for you to look forward in a practical way and choose what you do next. It could be that the path you thought you were going to go down isn’t going to happen. If that’s the case, it’s time to start thinking creatively about Plan B or even Plan C. So, now is the time for action – whether that is deciding what you need to buy for sixth form or uni or looking into alternative courses, apprenticeships or jobs. If you do nothing from this point then that is exactly what you will achieve – nothing.

Don’t Be Alone

It does sound cheesy, but don’t be an island. Use these last few weeks before September to spend time with people that you care about. Have you got friends who have done well? Then celebrate with them. Friends who haven’t got the results they wanted? Try to be there for them. If you are struggling then try to not cut yourself off from these people. There also some good websites that can help you at this time of year if you don’t feel able to speak to people in 3D, there are some great forms on online support that can help. I’ll put some links at the bottom of this blog.

It’s Just One Day

Although exam results day is a big day, it really is just one day. It’s hard to believe but one day you will look back on this day and it won’t feel as big as it did. No matter what your results are, you have loads of other days to live your life. Live today for today and then move on and make the very most of all your other days ahead. If you need to learn from your mistakes then do that – but don’t beat yourself up forever over it. Equally, you may need to learn from what you did right so you can do it again.

If you are looking for some online support, these places are a good place to start :

Support for young people who have received their exam results

Online 24/7 support for under 25’s

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