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By February 14, 2017Blog
Man hand writing "ASAP" with white marker on visual screen indicating there is no CAMS Waiting List

Parents and carers speak to me every week about their children who are stuck on a waiting list for CAMS (or CAMHS). Carers who are unable to get help quickly from CAMS / CAMHS, often turn to their child’s school for help. However, only a few days ago, TES revealed that one third of secondary schools are having to cut back on the mental health support available to pupils.

Provision In Crisis

Children’s and young people’s mental health provision in our country is desperately overstretched. Last year, the RCN surveyed its’ staff who work in CAMS / CAMHS. Seven out of ten nurses felt that the service was either “inadequate” or “highly inadequate.” 72% said long waiting lists caused major difficulties for children and families.

Common sense and a whole raft of research shows that the earlier someone gets help the better. It’s not surprising that many parents decide to look to private counselling rather than wait for help from NHS services.

Immediate Support

I try to make a point of ensuring that when people contact me, I see them as soon as possible. This is usually either the same or the following week. I try to make it as easy as I can for people to get what they need as quickly as possible. Coming along to a first appointment isn’t about making a commitment to “sign up” for long term sessions. In any therapy, it’s important to find the right person. So, that first session is a taster for the child and parent / carer to decide if I am the right person to help them.

So, if you would like to make an appointment to see if I can help your child, please do get in touch. I can’t guarantee to have magical answers but I can guarantee that there are no waiting lists here.

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