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When Do Sessions Take Place?

We are open all day on Saturday and Sundays.

Where Are The Sessions Based?

Most of the therapy sessions are based at 13B Rustlings Road. We have our own dedicated counselling area along with a waiting area for parents / carers with refreshments available. There is a buzzer on the door to get in and out.

Sessions in other locations, such as in schools, are available. Please contact me for details.

How Much Does It Cost?

Sessions cost £50. You can pay by card, cash, cheque or BACS (bank transfer must be paid 24 hours before the session). The first session needs to be paid for in advance (by PayPal). After that it’s PAYG.

How Long Do Sessions Last?

Normal sessions last for 50 minutes.

Do I Need To Accompany My Child To Sessions?

Sessions normally take place between myself and the child or young person. It is parents / carers responsibility to decide, at the initial session, whether they will wait downstairs during the session and accompany their son / daughter to and from the sessions. I will ask you to sign a form specifying what you decide to do.

Can Someone Come Without Their Parents Knowing?

Generally, it’s better if your parents know you are attending counselling. However, there can be times when there are reasons why you may not want them to know and on occasion this can be arranged. The most important thing is that we have a full and honest discussion beforehand as to why you want this to be the case.

Isn’t Counselling Just For Adults?

If counselling children and young people was just about sitting having deep conversations then maybe many wouldn’t be interested. However, because there is the option to work creatively or play I have found that all the children and young people I’ve worked with actually look forward to their weekly session.

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